[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] Numeric-17.3.0.tar.gz available

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Wed Jan 24 11:18:04 CST 2001

> This is the last planned release in the 17 family. Binary versions will
> appear later -- developers, please help.

hello paul. i didn't see a changelog or anything in the new release?

regardless, i've finally put together my precompiled ZIP for win32
and python2.0. it is available here;

once this file is available from the sourceforge site i will
remove it from my little server, so please don't go linking
this URL all over the world :]

also note that i finally broke from the win32 binary naming
convention that had been in use since the 16.0 release. i
don't know if that was actually some sort of convention, or
just an old tradition that got accidentally started :]
either way, feel free to rename this file however you see fit.

one last thing. in the "setup.py" for Numeric, one of the
extensions included "Libraries=['m']", but this is not needed
on windows. (in fact, there is no math library, so the
compile was failing). i took this library out for my build,
and everything seems happy.

finally. unlike my previous release, i also have finally included
some quick information in the readme, i'll just snip out the new
information from that file...

This build of Numeric 17.3.0 was built by Pete Shinners
(pete at shinners.org) on January 24, 2001

To install, extract the ZIP file into your Python folder.
(for example, on my system this is C:\python20\)

Unfortunately, I do not make use of the scientific packages
like FFT, MA, and RNG, so I cannot test that they work, but
I do know the base ArrayObject works well, and these extra
packages have worked fine on my previous releases.

<plug style=shameless>
I am also the maintainer of the pygame library. Pygame is
a great library for writing games in python, and includes
a numeric module for directly accessing pixel values with
numeric arrays. http://pygame.seul.org

Following is the original README included with the Numeric source
"""  +  open('numeric-17.3/readme').read()

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