[Numpy-discussion] numpy.org redirection

John A. Turner turner at blueskystudios.com
Tue Jan 23 11:19:35 CST 2001

>>>>> "PFD" == Paul F Dubois <paul at pfdubois.com>:

PFD> This is very generous of you. I don't want to own the domain. I'm not even
PFD> sure as a govt employee if you could give it to me. The new Python
PFD> Foundation, when it is up and running, would be appropriate. For now, I
PFD> suggest you just leave it as is.
PFD> I don't understand your remark about "real hosting". numpy.sourceforge.net
PFD> really is at sourceforge (? guess it is obvious I'm not familiar with this
PFD> term).

I just meant to have numpy.org hosted by sourceforge - but I'm not even
sure they do that

PFD> Both pages have pointers to each other. So technically it is a wash.
PFD> People looking for docs need to be on one, for releases on the other.
PFD> My guess is that the link on the project page back to the home page is a
PFD> little more confusing for a newbie than the clearly spelled-out link on the
PFD> home page to the project page. When I first used SF I thought "Home" would
PFD> be the project page. So my guess is that numpy.sourceforge.net would be
PFD> best. The operative word is "guess".

that's what I was thinking too - just thought I'd ask for other opinions

(I do think it's a little odd that the title of that page is still "LLNL
Python Extensions" rather than "Numerical Python")

ok, so the redirection is set up - will probably take a while to propogate,
of course


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