[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] Numeric-17.3.0.tar.gz available

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Tue Jan 30 02:25:55 CST 2001

just curious about the status on this. i've got this file
still available, but i notice it hasn't shown up on the Numpy
downloads on sourceforge.

Last week, I wrote:
> > This is the last planned release in the 17 family. Binary versions will
> > appear later -- developers, please help.
> hello paul. i didn't see a changelog or anything in the new release?
> regardless, i've finally put together my precompiled ZIP for win32
> and python2.0. it is available here;
> http://pygame.seul.org/ftp/contrib/Numeric-17.3-win32-2.0.zip
> once this file is available from the sourceforge site i will
> remove it from my little server, so please don't go linking
> this URL all over the world :]
> also note that i finally broke from the win32 binary naming
> convention that had been in use since the 16.0 release. i
> don't know if that was actually some sort of convention, or
> just an old tradition that got accidentally started :]
> either way, feel free to rename this file however you see fit.
> one last thing. in the "setup.py" for Numeric, one of the
> extensions included "Libraries=['m']", but this is not needed
> on windows. (in fact, there is no math library, so the
> compile was failing). i took this library out for my build,
> and everything seems happy.
> finally. unlike my previous release, i also have finally included
> some quick information in the readme, i'll just snip out the new
> information from that file...

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