[Numpy-discussion] Re: Numeric.transpose (incorrect documentation)

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Fri Jul 27 18:13:30 CDT 2001

I will try to put a note in the transpose section if there isn't one there
already. As noted, there are numerous reference-instead-of-a-copy returns in
Numeric which reflect the speed rather than safety orientation of the
original designer. Many complaints of this nature are a complaint about that
choice, which made a package that was harder to understand and more
difficult to use safely but which is about as fast as possible. I didn't
like some of these choices but then again I didn't do the work.

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> the documenation for the "transpose" function for the "Numeric" module
> seems to be incoorect, or at least missleading.

The correct place for this is probably the numpy-discussion list, so I'm
cc'ing it there. Perhaps the Paul Dubois will see it and have some ideas for
clearing of the docs.

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