[Numpy-discussion] Hardware for Monte Carlo simulation

Chris Barker chrishbarker at home.net
Tue Nov 27 10:28:01 CST 2001

Hung Jung Lu wrote:
> Is there any recommendation for fast machines at the
> price range of a few thousand dollars? (I cannot
> afford supercomputers or connection machines.) My
> purpose is to run Monte Carlo simulation. This means
> that a lot of scenarios can be run in parallel
> fashion. Of course I can just use regular cheap
> Pentium boxes... but they are kind of bulky, and I
> don't need any of the video, audio, USB features (I

I've been looking into setting up a system to do similar work, and it
looks to me like the best bang for the buck right now are dual Athlon
systems. If space is an important consideration, you can get dual Athlon
1U rack mount systems for less than $2000. I'm pretty sure the only dual
Athlon board currently available (Tyan K7 thunder) has on board video,
ethernet and SCSI, which means it cost a little more than it could, but
these systems are still a pretty good deal if you get one without a hard
drive (or a very cheap one). I just did quick web search, and epox is
supposed to be coming out with a dual board as well, so there may be
cheaper options soon.


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