[Numpy-discussion] Building Numeric with Intel KML and mingw32

Krishnaswami, Neel neelk at cswcasa.com
Mon Nov 12 09:24:02 CST 2001


I'm trying to rebuild Numeric with the Intel Kernel Math Libraries. 

I've gotten Numeric building normally with the default BLAS libraries,
but I'm not sure what I need to put into the libraries_dir_list and
libraries_list variables in the setup.py file. 

I have the directories mkl\ia32\bin (contains the DLLs), mkl\ia32\lib 
(contains the lib*.a files), and mkl\include (contains the *.h files). 

Can anyone tells me what goes where? 

Neel Krishnaswami
neelk at cswcasa.com

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