[Numpy-discussion] Re-implementation of Python Numerical arrays (Numeric) available for download

Perry Greenfield greenfield at home.com
Sat Nov 17 17:23:06 CST 2001

From: Pete Shinners <pete at shinners.org>

> 7) necessary to add other types?
> yes. i really want unsigned int16 and unsigned int32. all my operations 
> are on pixel data, and things can just get messy when i need to treat 
> packed color values as signed integers.
Unsigned int16 is already supported. UInt32 could be done, but
raises some interesting issues with regard to combining with
Int32. I don't believe the current implementation prevents you
from carrying around unsigned data in Int32 arrays. If you
are using them as packed color values, do you ever do any
arithmetic operations on them other than to pack and unpack 

> one other thing i'd like there to be a little focus on is adding my own 
> new ufunc operators. for image manipulation i'd like new ufunc operators 
> that clamp the results to legal values. i'd be happy to do this myself, 
> but i don't believe it's possible with the current Numeric.
It will be possible for users to add their own ufuncs. We will 
eventually document how to do so (and it should be fairly simple
to do once we give a few example templates).


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