[Numpy-discussion] Re: Re-implementation of Python Numerical arrays (Numeric) available for download

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Nov 20 12:29:13 CST 2001

>   6) Should array properties be accessible as public attributes
>     instead of through accessor methods?
>     We don't currently allow public array attributes to make
>     the Python code simpler and faster (otherwise we will
>     be forced to use __setattr__ and such). This results in
>     incompatibilty with previous code that uses such attributes.
> I prefer the use of public attributes over accessor methods.
> -- 
> Paul Barrett, PhD      Space Telescope Science Institute

The issue of efficiency may not be a problem with Python 2.2
or later since it provides new mechanisms that avoid the need
to use __setattr__ to solve this problem. (e.g. __slots__,
property, __get__, and __set__). So it becomes more
of an issue of which style people prefer rather than simplicity
and speed of the code.


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