[Numpy-discussion] Numeric & changes in Python division

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu Nov 22 18:51:01 CST 2001

You know what the doctor said: if it hurts when you do that, don't do

Seriously, I have not the slightest idea what you're doing here. My
project won't get to 2.2 until well into the new year. Especially if
stuff like this has to be fixed. I haven't even read most of the 2.2

I understand this is also an issue with CXX. Barry Scott runs CXX now
since I am no longer in a job where I use C++. When he will get to this
I don't know. I need to demote myself on the CXX website.

You haven't seen any recent changes to Numpy, or comments from me on
numarray, because I have a release to get out at my job.

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# Python 2.2b1, Numeric 20.2.0

from __future__ import division
import Numeric

arr = Numeric.ones((2,2), 'f')
arr = arr/2.0

#Traceback (most recent call last):
#  File "bug.py", line 6, in ?
#arr = arr/2.0
#TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for /

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