FW: [Numpy-discussion] Bug: extremely misleading array behavior

Paul F Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Mon Jun 10 11:20:06 CDT 2002

We have certainly beaten this topic to death in the past. It keeps
coming up because there is no good way around it. 

Two points about the x + 1.0 issue: 

1. How often this occurs is really a function of what you are doing. For
those using Numeric Python as a kind of MATLAB clone, who are typing
interactively, the size issue is of less importance and the easy
expression is of more importance. To those writing scripts to batch
process or writing steered applications, the size issue is more
important and the easy expression less important. I'm using words like
less and more here because both issues matter to everyone at some time,
it is just a question of relative frequency of concern.

2. Part of what I had in mind with the kinds module proposal PEP 0242
was dealing with the literal issue. There had been some proposals to
make literals decimal numbers or rationals, and that got me thinking
about how to defend myself if they did it, and also about the fact that
Python doesn't have Fortran's kind concept which you can use to gain a
more platform-independent calculation.

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