[Numpy-discussion] Numerical Python and LAPACK on 64-bit machines

Roy Dragseth Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no
Wed Mar 6 01:03:03 CST 2002

On Wednesday 06 March 2002 09:50 am, Roman Geus wrote:
> Dear Numerical Python user and developers
> I ran into the following problem:
> The python application I'm developing uses Numerical Python and other
> C modules that call LAPACK. My application runs well on 32bit
> architectures:
> When I tried to run the application on a HP-UX 64bit machine the
> application produced bus errors. After a long debugging session I
> found out that Fortran integers are still 32bit wide on this
> machine. Therefore also the HP LAPACK library has to called using
> 32bit integers. Numerical Python however codes Fortran integers as C
> 'long int' variables, which are 64bit wide on this machine.

Have you tried the +i8 flag for the HP fortran compiler?  It converts all 
fortran integers to 8bytes entities.


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