[Numpy-discussion] RE: Python 2.2 seriously crippled for numerical computation?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Mar 19 18:21:03 CST 2002

[jochen at bock.chem.unc.edu]
> Thanks for the quick answer.  The problem is resolved.

Cool!  Glad to hear it.

> Well, changing cvs from
>   release22-maint
> to
>   r221c1
> helps.  That is, everything seems to work fine with the cvs sources
> tagged r221c1.

That shouldn't have made any difference -- r221c1 is merely a tag on the
release22-maint branch.  Now I can spend a lot of time trying to guess why
your checkout is screwed up (probably stale sticky flags, if it is), or you
can try blowing away your checkout and starting over.  I know which one gets
my vote <wink>.  CVS branches and tags are a nightmare:  when in any doubt,
kill the beast and start over.

> Then, is it really necessary to mess up the cvs tags so much? Why
> isn't it possible to have a single python-2.2 branch which one could
> follow to get all the stuff that's incorporated into that version?

That's what the release22-maint branch is supposed to be (and, AFIAK, is).

> There are huge differences between release22-maint and r221c1,

What makes you think so?  I just did

    cvs diff -r release22-maint -r r221c1

and it turned up expected differences in the handful of files that indeed
*have* changed since r221c1 was tagged, mostly in the docs and under the Mac

Index: Doc/lib/libcopyreg.tex
Index: Doc/lib/libthreading.tex
Index: Lib/urllib.py
Index: Mac/_checkversion.py
Index: Mac/Build/PythonCore.mcp
Index: Mac/Distributions/(vise)/Python 2.2.vct
Index: Mac/Include/macbuildno.h
Index: Mac/Modules/macfsmodule.c
Index: Mac/Modules/macmodule.c
Index: Misc/NEWS
Index: PCbuild/BUILDno.txt

> ...
> Thanks for all your work, and thank you for the quick help again.

And thanks for checking that your problem is fixed in 221c1.  Had anyone
tried this stuff in 22a1 or 22a2 or 22a3 or 22a4 or 22b1 or 22b2 or 22c1
(yes, we actually cut 7 full prerelease distributions for 2.2!), it would
have worked in 2.2 out of the box.  Keep that in mind when 2.3a1 comes out

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