[Numpy-discussion] Numerical Python 21.0 released

Paul F Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Wed Mar 13 15:02:06 CST 2002

Version 21.0 March 13, 2002
Fixed bugs:
    [ #482603 ] Memory leak in MA/Numeric/Python
                Reported by Reggie Dugard. Turned out to be 
                *two* memory leaks in one case in a routine in Numeric, 
                array_objectype. (Dubois)
    [ none    ] if vals was a null-array array([]) putmask and put would
                   crash.  Fixed with check.
    [ #469951 ] n = n1[0] gives array which shares dimension of n1
                  This causes bugs if shape of n1 is changed (n didn't
		  to have it's own dimensions array  (Travis Oliphant)
    [ #514588 ] MLab.cov(x,x) != MLab.cov(x) (Travis Oliphant)
    [ #518702 ] segfault when invalid typecode for asarray (Travis
    [ #497530 ] MA __getitem__ prevents 0 len arrays (Reggie Duggard)
    [ #508363 ] outerproduct of noncontiguous arrays (Martin Wiechert)
    [ #513010 ] memory leak in comparisons (Byran Nollett)
    [ #512223 ] Character typecode not defined (Jochen Kupper)
    [ #500784 ] MLab.py diff error (anonymous, fixed by Dubois)
    [ #503741 ] accuracy of MLab.std(x) (Katsunori Waragai)
    [ #507568 ] overlapping copy a[2:5] = a[3:6]
                Change uses of memcpy to memmove which allows overlaps.
    [ numpy-Patches-499722 ] size of buffer created from array is bad
(Michel Sanner).
    [ #502186 ] a BUG in RandomArray.normal (introduced by last bug fix
in 20.3)      
               (Katsunori Waragai).
Fixed errors for Mac (Jack Jensen).

Make rpm's properly, better Windows installers. (Gerard Vermeulen)
    Added files setup.cfg; setup calculates rpm_install.sh to use
current Python.
    New setup.py, eliminate setup_all.py. Use os.path.join everywhere.
Revision in b6
    added file README.RPM, further improvements.

Implement true division operations for Python 2.2. (Bruce Sherwood)
    Note: true division of all integer types results in an array of
    not doubles. This decision is arbitrary and there are arguments
either way,
    so users of this new feature should be aware that the decision may 
    change in the future. 

New functions in Numeric; they work on any sequence a that can be
converted to a
Numeric array. Similar change to average in MA. (Dubois)

    def rank (a):
        "Get the rank of a (the number of dimensions, not a matrix

    def shape (a):
        "Get the shape of a"

    def size (a, axis=None):
        "Get the number of elements in a, or along a certain axis."
    def average (a, axis=0, weights=None, returned = 0):
        """average(a, axis=0, weights=None)
           Computes average along indicated axis. 
           If axis is None, average over the entire array.
           Inputs can be integer or floating types; result is type
           If weights are given, result is:
           weights must have a's shape or be the 1-d with length the
           of a in the given axis. Integer weights are converted to

           Not supplying weights is equivalent to supply weights that
           all 1.
           If returned, return a tuple: the result and the sum of the
           or count of values. The shape of these two results will be
the same.
           raises ZeroDivisionError if appropriate when result is
           (The version in MA does not -- it returns masked values).

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