[Numpy-discussion] Numerical Python 21.0 released

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Mar 15 01:35:06 CST 2002

Gerard Vermeulen <gvermeul at polycnrs-gre.fr> writes:

> Because all RPM based Linux distributions have subtle incompatibilities, it 
> is impossible to write a setup.py script that produces RPMs that will work on 
> all those distributions.

Or at least not simple.

I like the idea of providing RPMs for as many distributions as
possible, and I volunteer to participate in the effort. In fact, I
always make RPMs of all my Python-related packages already for my own
use (seven machines), for RedHat 7.x systems.

However, I have had difficulties with uploading to SourceForge for
almost a full year now, and I don't expect it to get better soon.
While building RPMs is a small job for me, uploading the result costs
me an enormous effort each time, and I am not willing to waste time on
that. I don't know how many people are in a similar situation, but
perhaps we could get more RPM packaging volunteers by opening an
RPM archive elsewhere.


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