[Numpy-discussion] IM = Numeric + PIL + OpenCV

Edward C. Jones edcjones at erols.com
Sat Mar 30 07:55:18 CST 2002

IM (pronounced with a long I) is an Python module that makes
it easy to use Numeric and PIL together in programs. Typical
functions in IM are:

    Open: Opens an image file using PIL and converts it
      to Numeric, PIL, or OpenCV formats.
    Save: Converts an array to PIL and saves it to a file.
    Array_ToArrayCast: Converts images between formats and
       between pixel types.

In addition to Numeric and PIL, IM works with the Intel OpenCV
computer vision system
(http://www.intel.com/research/mrl/research/opencv/). OpenCV is
available for Linux at the OpenCV Yahoo Group

IM currently runs under Linux only. It should not be too difficult
to port the basic IM system to Windows or Mac. The OpenCV wrapper
is large and complex and uses SWIG. It will be harder to port.

The IM system appears to be pretty stable. On the other hand,
the OpenCV wrapper is probably very buggy.

To download the software go to
http://members.tripod.com/~edcjones/pycode.html and download

Edward C. Jones
edcjones at hotmail.com

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