[Numpy-discussion] Array data ownership

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot at onera.fr
Tue Nov 19 00:58:03 CST 2002

Hi all,

I use the Numpy C API to produce/use some PyArrayObjects. To set the
allocated memory zone, I use the PyArray_FromDimsAndData function, which
is described to "be used to access global data that will never be freed".
That's what I want. Or more exactly, I want "global data that will never be
freed by Numpy, until I tell it to do so !"

I mean some of my arrays are allocated and used as PyArrayObject data,
but I want some of them to be seen by Numpy as its own data. I want it to
deallocate the data at delete time. My questions are :

[1] Is PyArray_FromDimsAndData the right function or should I use another way ?
[2] Can I use the PyArrayObject.flags bit "owns the data area" to set it
    after the PyArray_FromDimsAndData call ? In the case of "yes", which
    is the bit rank ? The fourth starting from right ? Any macro already
    doing this ? Will I break the PyArrayObject consistency ?

Marcvs [alias yes I can go into the code... I though OO was reading docs 
        and using interfaces ;]

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