[Numpy-discussion] ANN: numarray-0.4 released

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Wed Nov 27 12:37:04 CST 2002

That's good news!!
Since I just signed up to this list I have some (more general questions)
1) How active is this list ? Now I get like 1-2 emails a day (but 3 months
ago or so I got like 20 ...)
2) Are most people here talking about Numeric (NumPy) or numarray ?
    Who is actively writing/implementing numarray and is there a specific
mailing list for that ?

3) I was just starting with some C code to generate numarray lists (a week
ago) and now
    the main data struct (NDarray) just disappeared... is that good news !?
    (Maybe the question should be: What is a "first class" python object ? )
4) In NDarray there was a special pointer (void *imag) for complex data.
(without much documentation actually..)
    How are complex array handled in numarray 0.4?  Examples would be nice
!! ;-)

Keep up all the good work.

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Subject: [Numpy-discussion] ANN: numarray-0.4 released

> Numarray 0.4
> ---------------------------------
> Numarray is an array processing package designed to efficiently
> manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays.  Numarray is modelled after
> Numeric and features c-code generated from python template scripts,
> the capacity to operate directly on arrays in files, and improved type
> promotions.
> Version 0.4 is a relatively large update with these features:
> 1.  C-basetypes have been added to NDArray and NumArray to accelerate
> simple indexing and attribute access *and* improve Numeric compatability.
> 2.  List <-> NumArray transformations have been sped up.
> 3. There's an ieeespecial module which should make it easier to find
> and manipulate NANs and INFs.
> 4. There's now a boxcar function in the Convolve package for doing
> fast 2D smoothing.  Jochen Kupper also contributed a lineshape module
> which is also part of the Convolve package.
> 5. Bug fixes for every reported bug between now and July-02.
> 6. Since I still haven't fixed the add-on Packages packaging, I built
> windows binaries for all 4 packages so you don't have to build them
> from source yourself.
> But... basetypes (and reorganization) aren't free:
> 1. The "native" aspects of the numarray C-API have changed in
> backwards incompatible ways.  In particular, the NDInfo struct is now
> completely gone, since it was completely redundant to the new
> basetypes which are modelled after Numeric's PyArrayObject.  If you
> actually *have* a numarray extension that this breaks, and it bugs
> you, send it to me and I'll fix it for you.  If there's enough
> response, I'll automate the process of updating extension wrappers.
> But I expect not.
> 2. I expect to hear about bugs which can cause numarray/Python to dump
> core.  Of course, I have no clue where they are.  So... there may be
> rapid re-releases to compensate.
> 3. Old pickles are not directly transferrable to numarray-0.4, but may
> instead require some copy_reg fuddling because basetypes change the
> pickle format.  If you have old pickles you need to migrate, send me
> e-mail and I'll help you figure out how to do it.
> 4. Make *really* sure you delete any old numarray modules you have
> laying around.  These can screw up numarray-0.4 royally.
> 5. Note for astronomers: PyFITS requires an update to work with
> numarray-0.4.  This should be available shortly, if it is not already.
> My point is that you may be unable to use both numarray-0.4 and PyFITS
> today.
> -----------
> Numarray-0.4 windows executable installers, source code, and manual is
> here:
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1369
> Numarray is hosted by Source Forge in the same project which hosts
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy/
> The web page for Numarray information is at:
> http://stsdas.stsci.edu/numarray/index.html
> Trackers for Numarray Bugs, Feature Requests, Support, and Patches are at
> the Source Forge project for NumPy at:
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=1369
> --------------------------
> numarray-0.4 requires Python 2.2.0 or greater.
> ------------------------------
> Numarray was written by Perry Greenfield, Rick White, Todd Miller, JC
> Hsu, Paul Barrett, Phil Hodge at the Space Telescope Science
> Institute.  Thanks go to Jochen Kupper of the University of North
> Carolina for his work on Numarray and for porting the Numarray manual
> to TeX format.
> Numarray is made available under a BSD-style License.  See
> LICENSE.txt in the source distribution for details.
> --
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