[Numpy-discussion] A message from Cameron Laird

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Sep 20 10:05:05 CDT 2002

I send this on behalf of Cameron Laird <claird at phaseit.net>.
Please reply to him, not to me.

  I have at least a couple of assignments from magazines such
  as IBM's developerWorks to report on matters that involve
  Numeric.  I'd welcome contact from anyone here who wants to
  publicize his or her work with Python and Numeric.

  I have a particular interest in advantages Python and Numeric
  enjoy over such alternatives as Mathematica, IDL, SAS/IML,
  MATLAB, and so on, all of which are more narrowly targeted at
  the kinds of scientific and engineering problems tackled by
  contributors to this mailing list.  What does Python do for
  you that the commercial products don't?

  I suspect that many of you will mention, in one form or
  another, Python's aptness for programming "in the large".
  Do you have specific examples of how this is clumsy in
  MATLAB, Mathematica, and so on?

  Have you tried to interface MATLAB and so on to hardware
  instrumentation or other external data sources?

  How do the scientists and engineers (as opposed to the
  "informaticians" or software developers) on your teams
  accept Python, compared to IDL and friends?  Do scientists
  at your site program?

  Is there anything Python's missing in its competition with
  MATLAB and so on?  

  Cameron Laird       <Cameron at Lairds.com>       +1 281 996 8546 FAX

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