[Numpy-discussion] numarray.records - get/set item

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Thu Dec 4 14:42:07 CST 2003

Is it maybe a good idea to add this to the definition of 'class Record'

class Record:
    """Class for one single row."""
    def __getitem__(self, fieldName):
        return self.array.field(fieldName)[self.row]
    def __setitem__(self, fieldName, value):
        self.array.field(fieldName)[self.row] = value

I don't know  about the implications if  __delitem __  and so on are not
I just think it would look quite nice to say
myRecArr[0]['mmm'] = 'hallo'
as opposed to
myRecArr[0].setfield('mmm',  'hallo')

Actually I would even like
myRecArr[0].mmm = 'hallo'

This should be possible by defining __setattr__.
It would obviously only work for fieldnames that do not contain '.' or ' '
or ...

Any comments ?

Sebastian Haase

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