[Numpy-discussion] PyMatrix: Announcement

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 11 12:46:02 CST 2003

Perry Greenfield wrote:

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>>Thanks for the reply.
>>PEP 225  is from Sept-2000  and http://matpy.sourceforge.net and 
>>dated from
>>Mar-2002 (Python 2.0)
>>That is about the results I got from my first google-groups 
>>search.  What is
>>the current thinking about this ?
>>Looks to me like the "new operator" idea is dead. Or ??
>>I actually like (read: could live with)  alternative 4 in PEP 
>>225: which is,
>>to provide operator overloading for what I call
>>"different views"  of the same matrix / image.  How difficult is this to
>>implement ?
>>(What is the real difference to alternative 3 ?  They both have 
>>m1.E * m2.E
>>. )
>> None
>If I recall correctly, Guido didn't dismiss it out of hand, but he
>wasn't going to do anything about it unless there was sufficient
>noise from the community that this was very important. I think it
>is, and I suppose if we campaign enough, it may be considered.
There has been little clamour for adding this complication to the syntax 
over the last three plus years.

I suggest that PyMatrix shows that the desired results can be achieved, 
with few additional key strokes and without adding to the Python 
character set.

Colin W

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