[Numpy-discussion] Psyco MA?

Joachim Saul list at jsaul.de
Fri Feb 7 15:58:09 CST 2003

* Tim Churches [2003-02-08 00:07]:
> However, I agree 100% about the potential for leveraging Pyrex in
> Numarray. Not just in Numarray, but around it, too. The Numarray team
> should open serious talks with Greg Ewing about Numarray-enabling Pyrex.

What is it that needs to be "enabled"? Pyrex handles Numeric (see
Pyrex FAQ), why should it not handle Numarray? AFAIK Pyrex
contains no code to specifically support Numeric, and it should
therefore be straightforward to use it with Numarray as well.

Only drawback is currently lack of support for e.g. slicing
operations in Pyrex.


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