[Numpy-discussion] Some bugs in Numeric fixed today in CVS

Paul Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Fri Feb 7 09:59:08 CST 2003

[ 614808 ] Inconsistent use of tabs and spaces
           Fixed as suggested by Jimmy Retzlaff

[ 621032 ] needless work in multiarraymodule.c 
           Fixes suggested by Greg Smith applied.
           Also recoded OBJECT_DotProduct to eliminate a warning error.

[ 630584 ] generalized_inverse of complex array 
           Fix suggested by Greg Smith applied.

[ 652061 ] PyArray_As2D doesn't check pointer.
           Fix suggested by Andrea Riciputi applied.

[ 655512 ] inverse_real_fft incorrect many sizes
           Fix given by mbriest applied.

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