[Numpy-discussion] How to compute gradients or derivatives.

Maurice van de Rijzen maurice at akst.tn.tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 24 02:26:02 CDT 2003

Dear all,

I was lookogn for u numerical extension to python and was therefore glad
that i ran into numpy.
I did all the calculations on mataln and I want to migrate to python.
Numpy and numarray pretend to have the basic functionality of matlab and 
therefore i expected als a function that is able to compute gradients of 
high-order arrays which is a basic matlab thing. I could not find 
something like that. I found something in SciPy but I think that this 
one cannot compute high-order arrays.
I'm thinkin of something as in matlab e.g. say that T=f(x,y,z,p)

[gx,gy] = gradientT;

Is something like that possible?

Thanks in advance

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