[Numpy-discussion] Community Poll: numarray default underflow handling == "ignore" ?

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Fri Nov 21 08:57:12 CST 2003

Chris Barker wrote:
> Todd Miller wrote:
>>>>Someone recently suggested that we change the default for numarray
>>>>underflow checking to "ignore".  Please  vote (+1, 0, -1):
>>The default of underflow is "warn"
> assuming that ignore means that zero will be used, I vote +1
> If the difference between zero and the smallest floating point number is
> significant in your app, you'd better know what you're doing with
> floating point, and you should then know to set the check to "warn" or
> "raise".

+1 also from me (also as Chris, assuming 'ignore' means replacing with zeros 
and not with NaNs).  Underflow is about the only case of errors where I think 
that silent ignore is a reasonable (if 'unpythonic') policy.



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