[Numpy-discussion] why numarray.inputarray?

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at cox.net
Tue Feb 10 12:58:02 CST 2004

Todd Miller wrote:


>Based on your [Colin Williams] input, and Tim Hochberg's earlier comments,  I think we
>1. Clean up the array function by ditching the buffer/sequence keyword
>deprecation code.  buffer has been deprecated long enough.
>2. Redefine asarray() as calling array() with copy=1.  Tim's right. 
>It's a better name than inputarray() and we want it for backward
>compatibility anyway.
>3. Redefine inputarray() as a non-recommended synonym for asarray(). 
>I'd say deprecate it,  but that's a PITA for anyone already using it.
>4. Change the manual to document asarray() as primary and document
>inputarray() as a non-recommended synonym.
Sounds good to me. I've never used the buffer/sequence stuff, so I'm not 
really qualified to opine on that.


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