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Stock-Market Spotlight - PDPR

HealhCare Tech Sector: PDPR - Pediatric Prosthetics Inc. Reveals Projected Earnings

Very exciting news from the HealthCare Tech Sector and its Groundbreaking Technology: MYOELECTRIC PROSTHESES

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pediatric Prosthetics Inc. (PDPR) announces that the Company is exceeding its projections for the first quarter of 2004.  Accounts Receivables are being accumulated at a faster rate than anticipated and major insurance companies are steadily authorizing treatments for clients.  The short-term and long-term projections illustrate the result of compounded earnings caused by the "annuity effect" of the required annual re-fits for growing children.

In fact, according to the Company's projections, revenues and sales will grow dramatically in the next few years.  As stated in the Company's news release, revenues in the next five years are expected to grow over 400%, and sales are projected to grow even more dramatically at or around 1000%.  Yes, that's right, one thousand percent.

See the whole news release for yourself: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/040129/295979_1.html


Pediatric Prosthetics Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is the primary provider of prosthetic patient care specializing in the infant-pediatric market on a national scale. The Company will focus on both the physical needs of the children and the emotional support of their parents.


Myoelectric upper extremity prostheses are the state of the art. In the absence of a hand or arm, the child's brain still continues sending signals to "grasp" or "open" the hand in the residual limb. Myoelectric sensors can read those signals through the skin (requiring no surgery) and with the computer chip magnify those signals many fold to actuate the tiny powerful motor to accomplish the task. 

Infants and children learn to open and close their "myo" on command in an astonishingly short period of time. Within a matter of a few days, the myo becomes almost an unconscious part of them, opening and closing with an almost unconscious thought.

The prostheses utilizing this technology are designed to be extremely life-like and non-threatening. The response to them by playmates and parents is usually "isn't that neat!"

PDPR has begun instituting some of these ground-breaking myoelectric technology research and development to see if it is equally as effective with lower extremity prosthetics as well. 


The national prosthetics industry is estimated at nearly $2 billion annually and is extremely fragmented. In this fragmentation, PDPR has developed a strong niche by focusing on the infant-pediatric prosthetics segment. This segment requires specialized expertise to meet the needs of these babies and their families.

PDPR is the only infant-pediatric prosthetics company focusing on the unique needs of these babies born with a limb loss.


Children ages 0 to 14 comprise 5% of the total $2 billion prosthetic market, $100 million. The vast majority of this 5% pediatric prosthetic market derives from babies born with a limb loss.

There are approximately 145,000 first time amputations each year, meaning first time fittings. Of these 145,000 first time amputations, less than 1% or approximately 1,000 babies born with a limb loss.

PDPR is the only infant-pediatric prosthetics company focusing on these unique needs.


The economic cost from infancy to adulthood is anticipated to be over $200,000 for a below elbow amputee. Adults will spend an additional $200,000 on their artificial arms. Revenue growth is directly correlated with the physical growth of the children. PDPR's management model for growth combines the strength and expertise of upper and lower extremity specialists with over 50 years of combined experience.


The management team of PDPR is nationally recognized as the leading prosthetists in the infant-pediatric prosthetics field. PDPR's management has recently been featured in, "Orthotics & Prosthetics Business News", written up in "Life Magazine", and some of the fitted children have appeared on national TV shows, including "Good Morning America", "Maury Povich","Phil Donahue", and "20-20."


By targeting the infant-pediatric need, PDPR will generate a consistent revenue stream by servicing their clients from childhood to adulthood. This "annuity effect" should compound earnings year after year and enable PDPR to enjoy stable growth.

This report is based on Stock-Market Spotlight's independent analysis but also relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report may not be the opinion of PDPR management. This report should be considered biased and contains usually only positive statements regarding the featured company. Stock-Market Spotlight does not own or will not purchase PDPR common shares in the open market. The information contained in this report shall not constitute, an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer to purchase any security. Penny stocks are considered to be highly speculative and may be unsuitable for all but very aggressive investors. It is intended for information and entertainment only. Some statements may contain so-called "forward-looking statements". Many factors could cause actual results to differ. Investors should consult with their Investment Advisor concerning PDPR. This newsletter was written and distributed for a 3000 dollar fee paid by a third party PDPR shareholder who is purported to have a large stock position in the featured company.  It is unknown to Stock-Market Spotlight whether this shareholder intends to sell any or all of his stock position in the featured company. Copyright 2004 Stock-Market Spotlight. All Rights Reserved.





















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