[Numpy-discussion] User arrays in numarray

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Wed Feb 25 05:58:03 CST 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 02:48, Antti Korvenoja wrote:
> Dear numarray developers,
> What would be the recommended class to inherit from if one wants to derive a
> new class from numarray array? In other words, what would be similar to
> UserArray in Numeric (NDArray, NumArray)?

Try subclassing NumArray.  You might want to look at PyMatrix to see a
practical example of how it can be done.  I should forewarn you that
although numarray uses new style classes,  it's sub-classibility is less
than perfect. 

Todd Miller <jmiller at stsci.edu>

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