[Numpy-discussion] Update for IM. a small image processing system

Edward C. Jones edcjones at erols.com
Mon Jan 5 16:25:01 CST 2004

Peter Verveer wrote:

>On Saturday 03 January 2004 03:11, Edward C. Jones wrote:
>>                                 IM
>>I have uploaded a new version of my small image processing system IM to
>>"http://members.tripod.com/~edcjones/IM-01.01.04.tar.gz". Most of the code
>>in IM (pronounced "I'm") is inferior to "nd_image" so I will eventually
>>convert it all to "nd_image".
>I had a look and I guess that indeed you could use the nd_image package for 
>some low level stuff (I am the author of nd_image). nd_image is however also 
>still being developed and I am looking for directions to further work on. I 
>wondered if there is anything you would like to see in there? 
Thanks for your response. I have put a slightly revised version of IM on 
my web page "http://members.tripod.com/~edcjones/". The new version 
includes functions, written in C, for slicing arrays.

A cople of things I would like to see:

The ability to read and write a variety of image formats. ImageMagick 
has a good set. All of ImageMagick should be wrapped.

The Canny edge operator along with code for generating polygonal 
approximations to edges. See OpenCV.

Do you have some examples of algorithms for multi-dimensional images 
that you think should be put in nd_image?

Ed Jones

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