[Numpy-discussion] Update for IM. a small image processing system

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Jan 6 07:49:00 CST 2004

> Hi Ed,
> > A cople of things I would like to see:
> >
> > The ability to read and write a variety of image formats. 
> That is of course important. But in my view really a separate issue from 
> developing a library of analysis routines. The latter just have 
> to operate on 
> numarray arrays and need not to worry about how the data gets there. Of 
> course you need to get your data in numarray. PIL seems to do a 
> good job with 
> images, except for 16bit tiffs which causes me quiet some 
> problems. Anybody 
> know a good solution for getting 16bit tiffs into numarray?
I'd agree that support for image formats should be decoupled
from processing functions
> >ImageMagick
> > has a good set. All of ImageMagick should be wrapped.
> Isn't there already a python interface to ImageMagick?
Perhaps we should look at how much work it would be to adopt
Travis's wrapped version for numarray. It may be fairly simple
to do if his version uses the the more common api calls.


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