[Numpy-discussion] Update for IM. a small image processing system

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 7 11:44:01 CST 2004

> Hi Ed,
> > A cople of things I would like to see:
> >
> > The ability to read and write a variety of image formats.
> That is of course important. But in my view really a separate issue from
> developing a library of analysis routines. The latter just have to operate
> numarray arrays and need not to worry about how the data gets there. Of
> course you need to get your data in numarray. PIL seems to do a good job
> images, except for 16bit tiffs which causes me quiet some problems.
> know a good solution for getting 16bit tiffs into numarray?
Hi Peter,
When did you try that ?  My info is the PIL released within the last few
month version 1.1.4 which does the job.
this is from http://effbot.org/zone/pil-changes-114.htm:

(1.1.4a2 released)

+ Improved support for 16-bit unsigned integer images (mode "I;16").
  This includes TIFF reader support, and support for "getextrema"
  and "point" (from Klamer Shutte).

(Ooops: PIL 1.1.4 final was released on May 10, 2003.   (time flies ...)


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