[Numpy-discussion] License.txt inclussion breaks McMillan's Installer.

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Fri Jan 9 05:52:03 CST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 18:37, Tim Hochberg wrote:
> The way LICENSE.txt is included in the __init__ file for numarray breaks 
> McMillan's installer (and probably py2exe as well, although I haven't 
> checked that). The offending line is:
>     __LICENSE__ = open(_os.path.join(__path__[0],"LICENSE.txt")).read()
> The first problem is that the installer doesn't pick up the dependancy 
> on LICENSE.txt. That's not a huge deal as it's relatively simple to add 
> that to the list of dependancy's by hand.
> More serious is that the __path__ variable is bogus in an installer 
> archive so that the reading of the license file fails, even if it's present.
> One solution is just include the license text directly instead of 
> reading it from a separate file. This is simple and the license is short 
> enough that this shouldn't clutter things too much. It's not like 
> there's all that much in the __init__ file anyway <0.5 wink>.

I like this solution the best from the perspective of simplicity and
fool-proof-ness.  I had considered it before but rejected it as leading
to duplication of the license.  Now I realize I can just "put a symbolic
link" in LICENSE.txt and move the actual text of the license to
__init__.py as you suggest.

This is fixed in CVS now.

> A second solution is to wrap the  above incantation in try, except; 
> however, this doesn't guarantee that the license file is included.
> A third solution is to come up with a different incantation that works 
> for installer. I've looked at this briefly and it looks a little messy. 
> Nevertheless, I'll come up with something that works if this is deemed 
> the preferred solution. Someone else will have to figure out what works 
> with py2exe.
> [ If the above makes no sense to those of you unfamilar with McMillan's 
> installer, I apologize -- ask away and I'll try to clarify]
> Regards
> -tim
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