[Numpy-discussion] numarray-0.8.1

Austin Luminais austin at magicfish.net
Fri Jan 30 18:33:36 CST 2004

Hello, is there any place I can download a Windows installer for numarray 
0.8.1?  I upgraded to 0.8.2 a while back, but it does not work with 
McMillan's Installer.  0.8.1 worked fine, but I neglected to keep a copy of it.

As for why it doesn't work with Installer, I'm not sure.  At least part of 
the problem is that it is hardcoded to load LICENSE.TXT in __init__.py in a 
way that is incompatible with Installer.
I tried removing the loading of LICENSE.TXT (which I realize is a 
questionable thing to do; I was just trying to get it working), but it 
doesn't work after that either.

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