[Numpy-discussion] Writing arrays to files.

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Jan 27 15:07:11 CST 2004

>>>>> "Andrea" == Andrea Riciputi <ariciputi at pito.com> writes:

    Andrea> On 27 Jan 2004, at 19:31, John Hunter wrote:
    >> If your array is not monstrously large, and you can do it all
    >> in memory, do

    Andrea> 1-dim arrays with 1000 elements and 2-dim arrays with
    Andrea> (1000 x 1000) elements have to be considered "monstrously
    Andrea> large"?

You should have no trouble with either the 1D or 2D approaches I
posted with arrays this size.

Even though 1000x1000 is a lot of elements, the 2D approach does the
string operations row by row, so only 1000 will be converted at a
time, which will be trivial for all but the clunkiest machines.


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