[Numpy-discussion] differencing numarray arrays.

Mike Zingale zingale at ucolick.org
Tue Jul 13 12:54:02 CDT 2004

Hi, I am trying to efficiently compute a difference of two 2-d flux
arrays, as arises quite commonly in finite-difference/finite-volume
methods.  Ex:

a = arange(64)
a.shape = (8,8)

I want to do create a new array, b, of shape such that

b[i,j] = a[i,j] - a[i-1,j]

for 1 <= i < 8
    0 <= i < 8

I can obviously do this through loops, but this is quite slow.  In IDL,
which is often compared to numarray/python, this is simple to do with the
shift() function, but I cannot find an efficient way to do it with
numarray arrays.

I tried defining a list

i = range(8)
im1[1:9] = im1[1:9] - 1

and indexing with im1, but this does not work.

Any suggestions?  For large array, this simple differencing in python is
very expensive when using loops.



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