[Numpy-discussion] Random Numbers

Bruce Southey southey at uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 2 08:18:02 CDT 2004

All three use different but well-known algorithms 

For Matlab 5 onwards, this references the randn (which is the standard normal):

(You also note the link to Matlabs uniform generator that has excellent

numarray.random_array.normal that uses ranlib snorm (snorm is the standard normal).

numarray.linear_algebra.mlab.randn uses the Box-Muller method using random
uniform numbers from ranlib.

Your problems suggest that randn is not the cause. Without any code or what you
want to do it hard to address your question except that you should ensure that
your sampling does provide the normal distribution with your parameters. By that
I mean draw many, many samples from one set of parameters and check the
estimated mean and variance. 


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>Hi All,
>How close is the random number generation from
>numarray.random_array.normal(0,1,x) or
>numarray.linear_algebra.mlab.randn(x) to matlab's randn?
>i am having problems with an identical program written in matlab and
>python, with the results entirely different in both cases :(
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