[Numpy-discussion] Random Numbers

Karthikesh Raju karthik at james.hut.fi
Wed Jun 2 09:30:03 CDT 2004

Yes, that was something i knew, actually the real problem as Perry, they
are a result of overflows due to bools ..

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On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, John Hunter wrote:

> >>>>> "Karthikesh" == Karthikesh Raju <karthik at james.hut.fi> writes:
>     Karthikesh> Thankx Perry, now i an getting somewhere near, but
>     Karthikesh> there are still some issues, matlab and python (exact
>     Karthikesh> algorithms) result in different values :(, looking at
>     Karthikesh> it though,
> One obvious difference, which you are likely aware of, is that rand(N)
> in matlab returns an NxN matrix whereas Numeric's MLab and numarray's
> linear_algebra.mlab version of rand returns a length N array.  So if
> you naively use rand(N) in both cases, your sample sizes will be
> wildly different.
> Just a thought...

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