[Numpy-discussion] Java version for numarray?

Francesc Alted falted at pytables.org
Mon Jun 7 04:12:00 CDT 2004


I'm using numarray objects basically like data containers for fast I/O
purposes in the context of pytables. I'm thinking now to port part of my
code to Java, and I'd like to use Jython to easy the transition. I've seen
that a there is a port of Numeric to Jython
(http://jnumerical.sourceforge.net/), and I thought that I could use these
Numeric objects as containers. Unfortunately, there are a couple of objects
that pytables relies on, namely RecArray and CharArray, that are not
supported by Numeric.

My questions are:

- I think that both RecArray and CharArray modules are written in pure
python, so the porting to Jython should be relatively easy, provided I'm
successful making them to use Numeric objects instead of NumArray objects.
What do you think? Would that be feasible?

- Is there any effort going on in order to have an implementation of
numarray ready for use in Jython?


Francesc Alted

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