[Numpy-discussion] Accessing rank-0 array value?

Francesc Alted falted at pytables.org
Mon Jun 7 09:28:08 CDT 2004

First of all, thanks to everybody for their responses.

For me, the basic problem is that a[()] notation would be the best way to
get the python object with a type close to that of the numarray object. Why
not letting a[...] or a[:] to return the same object as a[()]?. I know that
this is not consistent with the "..." or ":" use in non-scalar arrays, but I
find any of last two far more intuitive than a "()" index. 

Besides, IMHO, an scalar array is not a "regular" array, so the consistency
restrictions should not be set as hard as they are now.


Francesc Alted

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