[Numpy-discussion] arrayfns.histogram does it exist in numarray?

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Thu Jun 17 13:28:10 CDT 2004

Jean-Bernard Addor wrote:
> I am analysing data in hdf files with Numeric. For different reasons,
> including better support of hdf files (huge datasets), I try to switch to
> numarray. I uses a lot the arrayfns.histogram function of Numeric, does
> something similar exist in nummarray?
Not as such yet (we have our own more specialized histogram
function for internal projects, but hadn't gotten around to 
generalizing it for general use). I think we'll take a quick
look at seeing if the Numeric arrayfns extension can be recompiled
to use numarray with no or few changes. Since Todd is away,
this won't be done until next week. I also have a simple
Python function to do this, albeit more slowly (but not hugely
slower) if you need something quickly.


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