[Numpy-discussion] convolve2d

Michel Sanner sanner at scripps.edu
Tue Jun 22 09:09:01 CDT 2004


I started using numarray for doing 2D convolutions on images.  I noticed 

import numarray.examples.convolve.high_level as convolve
convolve.Convolve2d(kernel, in, out)

only works on square images.  For images that are not square I get lots 
of noise in the background.

Also I was wondering is using the high_level API is most efficient?  
Currently my image is a Numeric
array (grabbed from the OpenGL frame buffer) which I convert to a 
numarray to do the convolution
and back to a Numeric array.  In the future I hope to completely replace 
Numeric by numarray.

Thanks for any input



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