[Numpy-discussion] comparing string array with None raises ValueError

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Thu Jun 24 10:07:10 CDT 2004

I'm not sure if this is fixed already in CVS but here it goes:
I'm working with record arrays, and trying to access a field with 
type '10a80' - that is, an array of 10 80 char 'strings' :
>>> q.Mrc.hdr = q.Mrc.hdrArray[0].field
>>> q.Mrc.hdr('title') != None
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<input>", line 1, in ?
  File "/jws30/haase/PrLin/numarray/strings.py", line 431, in __ne__
    return self.StrCmp(other).__ne__(0)
  File "/jws30/haase/PrLin/numarray/strings.py", line 385, in StrCmp
    b = asarray(b0, kind=self.__class__)
  File "/jws30/haase/PrLin/numarray/strings.py", line 1024, in asarray
    return array(buffer, itemsize, shape, byteoffset, bytestride, kind)
  File "/jws30/haase/PrLin/numarray/strings.py", line 994, in array
    byteoffset=byteoffset, bytestride=bytestride)
  File "/jws30/haase/PrLin/numarray/strings.py", line 84, in __init__
    raise ValueError("Must define both shape & itemsize if buffer is None")
ValueError: Must define both shape & itemsize if buffer is None
>>> print q.Mrc.hdr('title')
['tit1e seb says hi' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '']

Thanks for numarray ;-)

Sebastian Haase

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