[Numpy-discussion] bug ? in Records arrays in numarray

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Jun 29 09:44:46 CDT 2004

I have two record arrays. I was trying to assign one item from one recarray to 
the other:
>>> omx.zext[0] = main.ring4ext[0,0]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<input>", line 1, in ?
  File "X:/PrWin\numarray\records.py", line 744, in _setitem
    self.field(self._names[i])[row] = value.field(self._names[i])
  File "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\numarray\numarraycore.py", line 619, in 
ValueError: Can't use non-rank-0 array as a scalar.
>>> `omx.zext[0]`
'<numarray.records.Record instance at 0x042AFC78>'
>>> `main.ring4ext[0,0]`
'<numarray.records.Record instance at 0x042AFC78>'
>>> q = omx.zext[0]
>>> w = main.ring4ext[0,0]
>>> q
(2097152107, -595656700, 91141, 1.0634608642000868e+037, -1.14841804241843e
+018, 1.2771574333702815e-040)
>>> w
(array([428]), array([75]), array([124]), array([  1.08846451e+09], 
type=Float32), array([ 99.25], type=Float32), array([ 1996.82995605], 
>>> omx.zext._formats
['1Int32', '1Int32', '1Int32', '1Float32', '1Float32', '1Float32']
>>> main.ring4ext._formats
['1Int32', '1Int32', '1Int32', '1Float32', '1Float32', '1Float32']

I can't track down why one (q) contains scalars and the other (w) constains 
arrays (is array([428]) a 'rank-0 array'? ) ! 
This is how I generate them:
main.ring4ext = rec.RecArray(main._extHdrRingBuffer, "i4,i4,i4,f4,f4,f4",
  shape=(ts,nc), names=("num","min","max","time","mean","darkVal"), aligned=1)
omx.zext      = rec.array(formats="i4,i4,i4,f4,f4,f4",
  names=("num","min","max","time","mean","darkVal"),shape=tuple(shapeZ),aligned=1 )

[[BTW: (shapeZ is a list, if I say: ...,shape=shapeZ    I get 
NameError, "Illegal shape %s" % `shape`   from "records.py" in line 462   -- 
usually type(shape) == types.ListType should be OK, right ?)

Any ideas?

Sebastian Haase

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