[off topic] Re: [Numpy-discussion] numarray speed - PySequence_GetItem

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at cox.net
Tue Jun 29 13:21:07 CDT 2004

I'd bet a case of beer (or cash equivalent) that one of the main 
bottlenecks is the path 
The path through _universalIndexing in particular, if I deciphered it 
correctly,  looks very slow. I don't think it needs to be that way 
though, _universalIndexing could probably be sped up, but more promising 
I think _ndarray_item could be made to call _simpleIndexingCore without 
all that much work. It appears that this would save the creation of 
several intermediate objects and it also looks like a couple of calls 
back to python! I'm not familiar with this code though, so I could 
easily be missing something that makes calling _simpleIndexingCore 
harder than it looks.


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