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Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 29 16:28:05 CDT 2004

Todd Miller wrote:
> Yes.  What I most want to do is a 50000 point drawlines, similar to what
> you profiled.  Friends are fine too.

Actually, it was someone else that did the profiling, but here is a 
sample, about as simple as I could make it.

It draws an N point line and M points. At the moment, it is using 
Numeric for the points, and numarray for the lines. Numeric is MUCH 
faster (which is the whole point of this discussion). Otherwise, it 
takes about the same amount of time to draw the lines as the points.

Another note: if use the tolist() method in the numarray first, it's 
much faster also:


Obviously, the tolist method is much faster than wxPython's sequence 
methods, as would be expected.

I'm going to send a note to Robin Dunn about this as well, and see what 
he thinks.


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