[Numpy-discussion] RandomArray.random()

Janne Sinkkonen janne.sinkkonen at hut.fi
Thu Jun 3 04:20:06 CDT 2004

Related to a recent discussion on random numbers:

People using RandomArray.random() on 64-bit architectures should also be aware 
that sometimes the function returns exactly zero or one, which in turn causes 
problems in many other routines which generate e.g. multinomial or dirichlet 

I'm not absolutely sure that the problem persists in the newest version of 
Numeric, and I have not tested it on numarray. Anyway, I have seen it both in 
Alphas and now later in an AMD Opteron machine - over the years.

Unfortunately, as we do not have had time to dig any deeper around here, we 
have just used wrapper with a test and a loop.


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