[Numpy-discussion] printing character array object

Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Wed Jun 23 10:58:21 CDT 2004

Hi, it's me again. This time I am having problems with printing out a
character array object (attached in cPickle format). I don't understand
what the error message means.

If you load the

>>> import cPickle
>>> cPickle.dump(foo,open('foo.save','w'))
>>> foo
[tons of error messages terminating in]
libnumarray.error: copy1bytes: access beyond buffer. offset=6 buffersize=6

Looks like the problem is with numarray. The character array is 100x20 and
I can't see any intrinsic problem with printing it out.

>>> foo.getshape()
Out[73]: (100, 20)

Thanks for any clarification.

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