[Numpy-discussion] Unexpected warnings in where

Álvaro Tejero Cantero alvaro at antalia.com
Thu May 13 04:50:01 CDT 2004


I cannot understand why I do receive these warnings:

Warning: Encountered invalid numeric result(s)  in sqrt
Warning: Encountered invalid numeric result(s)  in divide


>>> newtimes = where(logical_and(RV<0,discr>0), (-RV-sqrt(discr))/VV, far_future)

RV, discr, RR, VV are NxN arrays of reals (Float64), while
far_future=1e20 (scalar).

1. sqrt(<0) should be impossible, since it's explicitly ruled out that
discr<0 in the where condition.

2. /0 should also be impossible, since VV==0 is True only for the

I've done some testing and where(logical_and(RV<0, discr>0), discr, 666)
doesn't show any negative numbers, neither does
where(logical_and(RV<0,discr>0),VV,666) show any zeroes...

Please.. what am I doing wrong here?

Álvaro Tejero Cantero

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