[Numpy-discussion] Unexpected warnings in where

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Thu May 13 10:00:02 CDT 2004

Álvaro Tejero Cantero wrote:
> > I think what you're seeing is this:
> >
> > where(condition, expression1, expression2)
> >
> > Even though condition is selecting parts of expression1 which are valid,
> > expression1 is still fully evaluated.
> Is this behaviour what is intended, or do you consider it a shortcoming
> of the implementation?. In theory avoiding unneeded evaluations of
> expression1 is very desirable...
It's about the only way it could work given how an array-based
library works (unless there were a mechanism to postpone
evaluation of expressions until their context can be
determined). The expression is evaluated before it is passed to the
where function.

Perry Greenfield

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