[Numpy-discussion] Re: floating point exception weirdness (Andrew Straw)

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Nov 1 15:38:17 CST 2004

Steve Chaplin wrote:

>>Just a small addendum, (which I hope will spur on bug-fixing once Todd 
>>et al. are back from the conference -- let me know if I should file a 
>>sourceforge bug report):
>I've not read all this thread so I don't know the full background. But I
>had a floating point / SSE problem using numarray.
>It turned out to be a glibc not numarray problem and was solved by
>upgrading glibc.
>There was also a SourceForge bug report but I can't locate it.
The test code you filed with the RedHat bugzilla report at the URL you 
gave (above) does indeed produce the bug you mention in that bug 
report.  So, I now think this is not a numarray bug, but a debian/libc bug.

Thanks for your help, Steve -- I never would have found this myself.

Now thinking about how to fix my glibc...

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