[Numpy-discussion] numarray patch: use Apple's vecLib on Mac OS X

Andrea Riciputi ariciputi at pito.com
Mon Nov 22 09:01:02 CST 2004

I see your point but AFAIK the links option "-framework vecLib" will 
work *only* with Apple gcc (ld) and Apple gcc (ld) does know where 
frameworks are. From Apple ld man page:

> -framework name[,suffix]
>     Specifies a framework to link against.  Frameworks  are  dynamic
>     shared  libraries,  but  they are stored in different locations,
>     and therefore must be searched for differently. When this option
>     is  specified,  ld  searches for framework `name.framework/name'
>     first in any directories specified with the -F option,  then  in
>     the  standard  framework  directories /Library/Frameworks, /Net-
>     work/Library/Frameworks,  and  /System/Library/Frameworks.   The
>     placement  of the -framework option is significant, as it deter-
>     mines when and how the framework is searched.  If  the  optional
>     suffix is specified the framework is first searched for the name
>     with the suffix and then without.

> -Fdir
>     In Apple's version of GCC only, add the directory dir to the head
>     of the list of directories to be searched for frameworks.
>     The framework search algorithm is, for an inclusion of
>     <Fmwk/Header.h>, to look for files named path/Fmwk.framework/Head-
>     ers/Header.h or path/Fmwk.framework/PrivateHeaders/Header.h where
>     path includes /System/Library/Frameworks/ /Library/Frameworks/, and
>     /Local/Library/Frameworks/, plus any additional paths specified by
>     -F.


On 22 Nov 2004, at 17:08, Todd Miller wrote:

> Not to look a patch-horse in the mouth, but IMHO,  the sys.platform 
> idea
> is good but the VECLIB_PATH elimination maybe less so.  The reason I
> question the VECLIB_PATH change is that we're removing explicit and
> generally harmless extra information in exchange for two assumptions:
> (1) gcc knows the path already  (2) the numarray Mac user is using gcc.
> Other opinions?  Mac users please speak up if you think the  
> change is a good one or it won't get done.
> Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll make the sys.platform change later
> today.
> Regards,
> Todd

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